Great short story, but macho literature: Antarctica by Claire Keegan

First, I must said I liked Keegan’s short-story. It is well written, increases the degree of stress very subtly, and ends with an open postmodern ending that was close to give me a heart attack. So, read it, if you want to enjoy a nice short-story.

Second, unfortunately we should not be writing this stuff today. I am not censoring, I’m just being responsible with the sign of the current era in literature and society.
The story begins with a married woman that wants to cheat on her husband, which is something I’d rather say good, good for her I mean. Things go well and she’s able to meet a guy, which is also something good, at least for her and the guy. They have some drinks, play pool and talk about Hell. She says Hell should be a lonely and cold place.


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you have not read the story

I’m not going into the details, but she ends being lonely and in a cold place, like Antarctica. The woman is punished as a result of cheating on her husband. Once more, a woman pays for being infidel. So…
Do we need a story in the 21st Century where a married woman is punished for her conduct?
Don’t we have enough with Paulo Coelho’s shitty stories?
Why again the classic story where the cheating girl is punished? Aren’t Medieval stories enough?
Why again the man is able to sort out the affaire and keep living happily, but not the girl?
Why to read and write something with a traditional, unchangeable: “women are bad and must be punished” moral of the story?
Can’t we learn something new about sex affairs and men and women that cheat and love to do it?

It seems the answers for my questions is not in the US. Maybe that explains the praise for the story and the book. Good for Trump, sad for the liberal anti-macho minds and depressing for women.



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