The Walkign Dead season 7, the wrong way

I must confess that the first episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead is not a PG-13 thing. The scariest thing in there is that the less scary guys in the episode are the zombies. Don’t worry about the dead, be afraid of the living.
As every good zombie story we saw two of the main characters die in the silliest of the situations without a good reason, à la George Romero, but isn’t real dead like that?
Though a good episode, it is not the best of the series. The episode began in media res, after someone we don’t know had been killed, and thus increases the tension. In that sense this is an effective episode: you know Rick is alive, but you don’t know who has been killed or worst, how many had been killed.

This guy Negan is a son of a bitch, no doubt about it, but isn’t Rick and his party a gang of mother fuckers that will kill you and me if we face them in the crossroads? E.g.: they killed a dozen of sleeping guys by the end of season 6, a level of cruelty practiced by sweet guys such as Genghis Khan, Hitler, and Stalin.
The turn the show is taking is dangerous as it projects and reinforces the American mentality towards violence: If you are familiar with the killers, their acts are not so bad, even if they’re merciless, but if you don’t know the killers and have met the victims, the bad guys are just the meanest mother fuckers in the world.
This is not right, Rick’s party and Negan’s party are ethically wrong. Killing others is not he best solution, even to the worst problem which is being alive in an apocalyptic world.

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